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Our standard rate is the best on San Francisco Bay

  • $425 covers everything for three hours for up to six people.
  • Want more sailing? $125 per hour after the first three hours.
That's it. No extra fees, no per-person charges.

The details
Round up your friends, kids, sweetie, whoever you want. We can accomodate up to six guests. Bring whatever snacks and drink you want. Be ready to have a great time.

Why you should charter with Capt. Patrick
Click to see details of Capt. Patrick's Coast Guard license Capt. Patrick is proud to be licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard to carry paying passengers on vessels up to 50 tons. The vessel, St. Maurice, is safety inspected by the Coast Guard.

Some charter captains on San Francisco Bay operate illegally without a license, proper insurance or boat inspection. Please consider your safety and enjoyment on the water. Be safe! Ask to see a license!

We accept CASH, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PayPal.

We also offer gift certificates.

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