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Our standard rate is the best on San Francisco Bay

$300 covers everything for two hours for up to six people. $425 covers three hours. $525 gets four hours.

That's it. No extra fees, no per-person charges.

The details

We'll sail the central San Francisco Bay. We'll get close to Alcatraz, Treasure Island and Angel Island. We'll see the Golden Gate, the mansions of Marin County, San Francisco's amazing skyline and lots more.

Two hours -- $300

two-hour sail Depending on wind and tides, a typical two-hour sail takes us under the Bay Bridge, past the San Francisco waterfront and around Alcatraz.
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Three hours -- $425

three-hour sail A typical three-hour sail, again depending on wind and tides, lets us sail a route similar to the two-hour sail and add a loop around Angel Island, the largest island in San Francisco Bay. On this sail, we typically experience the entire range of San Francisco Bay climates, from cool, bracing wind to warm, sometimes hot, T-shirt weather.
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Four hours -- $525

four-hour sail Allowing four hours lets us sail a four-island itinerary around the central San Francisco Bay: Up close to Alcatraz, and around Angel Treasure and Yerba Buena islands. And as an added bonus, we'll visit the Bay Bridge Troll, the little man created by iron workers who built the bridge to protect it from earthquakes and other disasters.
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On most trips we see lots of wildlife, including harbor seals, sea lions, cormorants, terns, pelicans, even the occasional dolphin.

So round up your friends, kids, sweetie -- whoever you want to share this with. We can accommodate up to six passengers. Bring snacks and drinks. And be ready to have the time of your life.

We also offer gift certificates.

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