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What to bring on your sailing adventure

Regardless of season, San Francisco Bay is cool, so it's best to dress in layers. You should bring at least a sweater or sweatshirt.

Wear comfortable, sturdy, flat-soled, non-marking shoes.

The sun will get you if you don't wear a hat.

Food: Feel free to bring whatever you'd like to eat and drink. Bring a bottle of wine if you'd like. Bring a picnic lunch to eat on board or at Angel Island. If you want to provision at the gourmet shops of the Ferry Building, we can arrange to start our trip at a nearby dock. Or tell us what you'd like and we'll provision for you and charge you our cost.

Other things: A camera or video. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Tunes in any format - like CDs, iPod, MP3 player, whatever. And don't forget your smile.

If you think you may be susceptible to sea sickness, have or take whatever sea sickness remedy you prefer in adequate time before arriving at the boat.

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